Phase one is the reheat of Battery 3 and will involve only enough repairs to the by-products plant to make the gas clean enough to go back to the battery for heating purposes.

Phase two will be the reconditioning of Batteries 1 and 2, when another 50 ovens will come into production almost doubling capacity, thus the total plant capacity is considered to be 500,000 tpa. Battery 4 requires a full pad-up rebuild and this will only be considered once Batteries 1, 2 and 3 are operational.

There are four batteries at Zimcoke; Batteries 1 and 2 have 25 ovens each and Battery 3 has 55 ovens.
The Plan The Plan

Plant Repairs

The main contractor for the repairs is Fosbel Inc, of Cleveland, Ohio. Fosbel is the leading coke oven repair company in the world. Fosbel has extensive experience in Southern Africa having conducted repairs in all the South African coke plants and major repairs both at ZISCO and Hwange in Zimbabwe.

A consortium of Zimbabwean engineering firms will handle the mechanical aspect of the plant rehabilitation and when specific skills are not available locally, non-Zimbabwean companies will be used.

The advantages