The objective of this project is to reactivate the coke making assets which were taken over as part of a debt restructure from the Zimbabwe Iron and Steel Company Limited (ZISCO). The Coke facilities in their entirety will be rehabilitated and production exported to various regional markets including South Africa.

The by-products of coke production will be sold to Zimchem Refineries which is located adjacent to the Coke Batteries in order to produce road-making products such as road-tar for the new Beitbridge to Chirundu road and a range of other associated chemicals.

The by-products of coke production will be sold to Zimchem Refineries
The Redcliff Project

Coal Supplies

Whilst coal is available from a number of regional mines such as Botswana, Mozambique and South Africa it is the company’s intention to make Hwange Colliery Company Limited (HCCL) the preferred supplier of coal.


With the quantity of coal and coke to be transported there is a great need for rail transport. ZimCoke will use its own wagons for this purpose thereby enabling National Railways of Zimbabwe (NRZ), Transnet and the Ministry of Transport to improve rail volumes and efficiencies. This comprises a liner train service that will run from Hwange - Redcliff - Pretoria - Hwange on a continuous basis using the existing high sided wagons and locomotives from NRZ and Transnet.

The power

A by product of the Coke making process is coke oven gas which has a high calorific value. A gas turbine power station will be installed beside the coke batteries with the aim of generating upto 35MW of power. After the electricity requirements of the coke plant are satisfied, all excess power will be sold into the Southern African Power Pool thereby reducing the deficit of power in the region.

The plan

The Redcliff Project